Our Mission

As the world’s first social driving network we are working to change why and how people drive. As a team of enthusiasts ourselves we know that sometimes the best drives are not those that get you somewhere but simply get you out there.

It is our goal through DriveLine to build a community where users can share their favorite driving roads and their time behind the wheel. In doing so we hope to broaden the global driving enthusiast community, by working to create an open and friendly forum that encourages everyone to get out there and enjoy time behind the wheel.

Brian Miller

CEO of DriveLine Entertainment LLC
Brian Miller

Brian is a long time driving enthusiast, with a deep passion for the hobby. It is that passion that led him and his business partner to develop the concept of DriveLine and launch this project in an effort to change how people perceive their time behind the wheel.

A firm believer that even “terrible cars” can be fun if given the opportunity, Brian is the kind of driver that does not discriminate against and make or model. As a rule the only requirement Brian has is a manual transmission, and as a result has been less then pleased with the direction many modern cars have gone.

Brian tends to prefer classic cars (anything made before 1990, and without modern safety features), though he always seems to have a spot in the driveway for a hot hatchback.

Brian’s professional experience includes over a decade of time in the financial sector specializing in work for international investment banks.

Neil Johnson

CTO of DriveLine Entertainment LLC
Neil Johnson

Neil has been involved in the Technology field for over twenty years and an automotive enthusiast, even longer. He’s passionate about bringing the two together, to help enhance the driving experience for those who drive everything from a Fiesta MK2 (which he owned for many years), to a Tesla.

He also has as strong desire for growing and fostering the driving community in general, and with the help of Brian and Kenji, developed the Driveline app and website so that new and seasoned driving enthusiasts can discover some amazing roads to drive on, while sharing their experiences with our members.

Neil is also an avid believer that although Tesla’s are the future, BMW’s are still the ultimate driving machines, and is always willing to debate those who feel otherwise.

Kenji Kimura

Lead Developer for DriveLine Entertainment LLC
Kenji Kimura

Kenji come to us with over 6 years of mobile application and website development experience. He is now working as the lead developer for the DriveLine team. He has been essential in creating ever level of the DriveLine platform, both in areas that our users see and those background features that make everything work.

While we are currently only available on iOS, Kenji will be taking lead as we implement our next major leap forward into the Android platform.

Like Brian and Neil Kenji is an avid motoring enthusiast and known throughout Kawasaki Japan for his skills, behind the wheel and the keyboard.